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Introduction to Digital Photography Course

Start using your camera to its full potential on this practical, engaging photography for beginners’ course!


We will discuss:

  • Weight, size, density, aspect ratio of images and what it affects.

  • The basic concepts of Shutter Speed, Aperture, White Balance and ISO.

  • How to use the camera in Manual/Shutter Priority/Aperture Priority modes and when to use what.

  • How to work with natural light, artificial light and lack of light (night photography).

  • When and why to use Built-In/Pop-Up Flash.

  • How to create well balanced and interesting composition of an image.

To sum it up, you will learn how to create well-composed photographs with proper exposure and color balance.

I offer GIFT VOUCHERS for all courses and workshops.

My Teaching Style:

In your first lesson, you will get a booklet - Introduction to Digital Photography, where you'll find the theoretical material for this course.

Each lesson will begin with going through the theory and then the practical part where we shoot and try to implement what we have just learnt. I will check your shots and ask you if you are satisfied with the result and why. If you are not satisfied, we'll discuss the ways to improve.


What you will need to bring to each lesson:

  • You will need a DSLR or a compact camera with capability for changing the settings. If you are not sure of the capabilities of your camera, please email me the make and model and I will tell you if the camera is suitable for this course.

  • Your booklet and maybe a pen to write your remarks on it.

Further Information:

  • Private lessons will cover the Digital Photography Basics course in 5 sessions (4-daylight classes & 1 evening class).

    • One student -  1 ½ hours each lesson.

    • Two students – 2 hours each lesson.

  • For the evening class a tripod is required. If you don't have one, let me know in advance.

  • All classes are taught in English or עברית.

  • All lessons are hosted in Amsterdam.



One student: €525.-

Two students: €435.- p/p

All prices are exclusive VAT

All workshops are to be booked and paid in advance. Please read the FURTHER INFO page.


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If you are with more than two people or you would like to have further information, clarification or request, please feel free to email me or just call +31 (0)630117097.

Tour Agencies who are looking for (Multiple) Day(s) Photography Workshop in The Netherlands, please email me to discuss your requirements and I will provide you with a quote.

To book a workshop please fill in the form or email me: inbal(at)
Course Booking Form

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