Jewish Life Amsterdam 2015

I am Jewish, born in Israel. While living in Israel being a Jew was a non issue. After moving to another country the questions and concerns arose. What does it mean to be Jew living outside Israel?


I have chosen to tell the story of 3 individuals and one couple from different walks of life, and asked them where do they feel at ease on their day to day life, a place that also connects them to the fact that they are Jewish, and that place was chosen as where I photographed them.


For each subject I present three photographs. Each photograph presents a mental, emotional and state of mind; from the inside to the outside.

The first photograph of each subject is the first/inner layer, the inside, the 'feeling'; a portrait photograph taken inside the place they chose.

The second photograph is the second/middle layer, the indoor, the 'doing'; a photograph of the space that they chose.

The third photograph is the third/outer layer, the outdoor, the 'mirroring'; the surrounding of the place they chose.

Jewish Life Amsterdam 2015

Inside first/inner layer Feeling